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Friday, November 26, 2010

Stoner Honda - Best Honda Team in MotoGP 2011?

Stoner Honda : this seems to be a word that can make everyone interested to watch MotoGP next year. after rossi ducati make a deal to be together, now stoner honda follow them, but whether they could make a surprise? we will see the battle next year, actually, I see there are 3 major force that will fight, Lorenzo Yamaha, Rossi Ducati, and also the new Stoner Honda. Who will be the best partner? and will Stoner Honda be the best Honda Team in MotoGP 2011?

Stoner Honda
Stoner Honda from MotoGp.com
in fact, Stoner was riding a Honda, now, the moment it happen again, however, whether the stoner will be able to be the best? if you look at the characteristics of Ducati motorcycles, Honda motor bike in MotoGP is more easy to drive, ducati is known for its wild character, this is be a lesson meant for stoner, I'm sure Stoner can control Honda motorcycle engine with a very good.
Stoner Honda MotoGP
stoner honda motogp.com
If Stoner and Honda wants to be champion in 2011 MotoGP, Honda should be able to provide the best motorcycle for Stoner, Yamaha and Lorenzo has become the strongest competitor, of course, Honda should be alert the Ducati team, after Rossi moved to Ducati team, fight in the high class will be more interesting.
Good look for Stoner and Honda !!

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magi said...

This is looking nice. Honda bike is one of the top bikes.... And this article looks very good.

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